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Terms & Conditions

You reserve the right to cancel this purchase if you disagree with the below Terms and Conditions. Failing to make an immediate request to cancel within the next 24 HOURS of purchase will amount to CONSENT.

You can cancel the purchase by making a request to or sending a text message on our WhatsApp number available : +91 7016268071

The usage of this software is free for life after subscription licence for NFC card holders.

FREE FOR LIFETIME: We are committed to provide this platform freely to our NFC card holders indefinitely.

We also reserve the right to TERMINATE the license at any time on the following grounds (BUT NOT LIMITED TO THESE GROUNDS):

1) If the user is using the software for illegal purposes

2) If the user attempts to alter the software

3) If absolute control of the software in under jeopardy (this may occur in the case of sale or dissolution of the company or due to unavoidable circumstances). In such cases the cost of the NFC card shall be refunded to the user after deducting Cash Back Rewards and Usage charges (shall be calculated based on 1000 per year at par + 350 print cost) The user MUST return the NFC card to us with his/her cost

A blank dashboard will be available to new users, where they will be permitted to enter their own data (such data entry shall not be assumed to be done by us).

Our company brand will appear on top of the profile page along with a buy now button for all default and new users, however this can be removed by Gold or Platinum Users (these plans can be purchased from the dashboard).

The “Buy Now” button will be activated on your profile page by default, which can also be removed by Gold or Platinum Users.

The user shall be completely responsible for the data uploaded through their dashboard

We reserve the RIGHTS TO REVOKE OR CHANGE the terms of Cashback/referral programs at any time. Such revocation will not warrant any prior notice.

Any outstanding balances or credit will be diminished if the offer is revoked and the same will be effective immediately.

Your purchase shall not rely on this offer/scheme.

By failing to cancel the transaction of purchase, the user agrees to all the future developments of the software, however the user RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL the NFC card if he/she does not want to adopt those changes, the above (3) cancelation policy shall be applicable in such cases.